Late Dr. S.K. Gulati
B.S.C., B.D.S. (Bombay)
Ex-Dental Surgeon and Sr. Lecturer Dept. of Prosthodontics
GDC & Hospital, Mumbai

From a humble beginning five decades ago, Gulati Dental Clinic has come a long way, to be recognized as Delhi's Premier Dental Clinic.Established in 1966 by Dr. S.K.Gulati, an iconic name in the field of Dental surgery, the clinic started its services for the people under his visionary aegis. The clinic owing to its expert solutions and best of technological introductions gained popularity and preference of the people in no time. Today, Gulati Dental Clinic attracts patients from different corners of the world.

Gulati Dental Clinic has always remained a pioneer in offering as well as introducing advanced dental cosmetic procedures. Our surgical solutions and services again, utilize the best of contemporary technology and possess the most exhaustive range of state of the art dental equipment.

Gulati Dental Clinic is also a pioneer in the field of cosmetic dentistry. Cosmetic dentistry is a marriage of art and science. It improves the appearance of your face, enhances long-term dental health and is essential to preserve chewing and speech ability. A gorgeous smile can give you a younger, more aesthetically pleasing appearance and leaves a lasting impression. Building a beautiful smile requires a strong foundation such as correct alignment of teeth which affects the appearance of the face, replacement of missing teeth which beautifies the shape of the face and whitening of the teeth which can brighten up your smile. A confident you with a beautiful smile, sturdy teeth and healthy gums is our motto at Gulati Dental Clinic.

We are a multi-specialty clinic with a team of experienced and expert doctors offering specialized treatment in dental care including Prostho-Aesthetics, Cosmetic dental surgery with lamination and implant procedures, Oro-maxillofacial surgeries, advanced endodontic and orthodontic procedures - all under one roof.

Gulati Dental Clinic has been able to garner the goodwill of its patrons, gain success and achieve this remarkable growth, primarily because of the support, trust and confidence of our patients, our employees and well-wishers. Their word of mouth publicity continues to spread our fame far and wide. Our patients’ good wishes have literally made our Clinic a household name in New Delhi and it is fast converting itself into a trusted brand amongst the people across the world. This has put forth a greater sense of responsibility in us, to serve you even better. Our team ensures to provide its services to you in a hygienic and comfortable environment. The tradition of dedicated care set four decades ago continues...




Cosmetic Dentistry is a branch of dental science which deals with complete smile makeover giving a beautiful smile so that we can smile with confidence. There are techniques in cosmetic dentistry which deal with discoloured, chipped, spaced, crooked and missing teeth.


A Dental Implant is an artificial tooth root placed into the jaw to hold an artificial tooth (replacing missing tooth). Dental implants are an excellent option for people who, otherwise in good oral health have lost a tooth due to periodontal disease (gum disease),


Time to be Alert Your tooth may be damaged enough such that simple restoration (filling) treatment alone may not suffice. To get immediate relief, you need to meet a dentist. Your teeth maybe cracked, have loose restoration (filling) or simple cavity which can lead


Bad breath or halitosis may be due to many causes and is an extremely embarassing problem for some people. Halitosis is usually caused by poor oral hygiene or the presence of food that gets stuck in the teeth.


Crown is an artificial covering of a tooth-like structure called porcelain, which restores damaged tooth, replaces the missing tooth wall, thereby protecting and strengthening the tooth and preventing further deterioration.


Pediatric Dentistry deals specifically with the oral care of children. It is very important for a dental surgeon to have training in child psychology, growth and development before treating any child.


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