We at Gulati Dental Clinic, follow all the sterilization and disinfection procedures required for infection control. These are used for each and every patent to prevent the transmission of the dreaded HIV/AIDS virus, Hepatitis virus and other infectious diseases. All our staff involved in patient care share a very concerned attitude in this regard. We follow a stringent Four- tier sterilization process for our instruments. Needless to say, disposables like needles, syringes, glasses, etc are all discarded after being used once. Appropriate protective garb such as disposable gloves and masks are used. Infection control is one of our utmost priorities.

The Four steps sterilization protocol used for our instruments

Step One
All the instruments are scrubbed with spirit swabs to remove am attached debris.

Step Two
The instruments are then immersed in 5% korsolex sterilizing solution for 45 minutes for standard disinfection.

Korsolex Sterilizing Solution ( Korsolex Offers)
(a) Complete viricidal action (Including hepatitis B, HIV).
(b) Total bactericidal, fungicidal, tuberculosidal and sporisidal activity.
(c) Complete protection against corrosion, has inbuilt rust Inhibitors.
(d) Lethal action against microbes, highly suitable for emergency disinfection.

Step Three
After cold sterilization, instruments are packed in individualized sterile packs that contain instruments, gauze, cotton rolls and suction devices. Patients feel reassured when a new pack is opened in front of them prior to commencement of treatment.

AUTOCLAVING (Steam under pressure) is the standardized sterilization method used in our dental office. These measures are carried rigorously and consistently to make sure patient’s safety.

Step Four
After autoclaving, dental instruments in sterilized packs are stored in UV chamber to maintain the sterilization.



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