I feel very fortunate to write about Dr. Sandeep Gulati, a Dental Surgeon at C-70, 1st Floor, Rajouri Garden, New Delhi.

I have known Dr. Sandeep for over 7 years and found him to be an extremely competent, dedicated surgeon with very high medical ethics. He is razor-sharp in his diagnosis and determining the line of treatment. Dr. Sandeep is up to date on the most recent advances in dental sciences and handling State-of-Art equipments. Further, Dr. Sandeep's clinic has team of highly motivated doctors, each specialised in their respective fields.

All patients whom I have recommended to Dr. Sandeep have thanked me profusely for recommending him.

I wish Dr. Sandeep all the best in his endeavours.

Dr. Amit Nair

Water Quality Consultant
WSP - World Bank

Our family, the Gosain family, in large measure have good smiles due to the tender care of Dr. Sandeep Gulati who has been looking after our dental health for ever. My parents, my wife, my son, my sister and I have been under his professional care without any trouble as he has rendered timely advise and good services unrelentingly.

I am deeply impressed with his high level of motivation; he has embraced the latest techniques, equipment and skills in his work effortlessly. He has also honed his skills overtime and is able to provide the full spectrum of competent services by leading a team of good professional doctors; who meet the challenges that are set out clearly by Dr. Sandeep. He is the effervescent leader; himself with an infectous smile while he gets everyone to smile.

He provides great customer satisfaction; I have evidence that over the years I have never seen anyone complain even while they await their turn in an ambience which has non-stop lively music playing in the background. He pays great attention to detail, is always available to provide sincere advice, takes matters with a cool demeanour and solves the problems with great efficiency for young, old and everyone he serves.

Due to the vibrancy of his character and deep commitment to good, reliable care, Dr. Sandeep Gulati enjoys a very worthy and good reputation. My family joins me in wishing him success in his future endeavours and lauds his commitment to excellence in professional and public life. We are proud of you, Dr. Sandeep !!!

Dr. Arun Kumar

President-Business Initiatives
Development Alternatives
New Delhi, India

Self & family have been Dr. Gulati's patients for no. of years for all our dental problems. These problems varied from a normal tooth ach to root canal treatment, fixing of crowns, dentures etc.

All these visits, we have been fully satisfied with his diagnosis of problem & fixing it up in most professional way. He has an excellent hand in attending to all sorts of problems with least pain & creates a soothing environment while attending to you.

The best worth mentioning point, we would like to mention about Dr. Gulati is about his approachability, simple nature & the way he deals with his patients. Infact, half of your problem gets over with his patient listening as you are sure that you are in safe hands now.

He is very honest in his advice on the life of treatment. This helps the patients to plan their future visits accordingly to address the problems in time.

Overall, he has been of great help to us in attending to all our dental problems & we always recommend him to all others.

R.K.Chugh & family

Vice President
Energy Distribution Siemens Ltd.
Gurgaon, India

With full confidence and satisfaction, I am proud to say that Dr. Sandeep Gulati and his team did excellent job on my lower jaw. He has a friendly atmosphere and very professional team of doctors. I would like to recommend everyone to step in with confidence and assure that he/she will leave the clinic with a smile.


Doha, (Qatar)

Eureka!!! Eureka!!!
Serendipity of Gulati Dental Clinic with a team of doctors specializing in Root Canal surgery, Orthodontics, etc was really awesome.

J. Handa




Cosmetic Dentistry is a branch of dental science which deals with complete smile makeover giving a beautiful smile so that we can smile with confidence. There are techniques in cosmetic dentistry which deal with discoloured, chipped, spaced, crooked and missing teeth.


A Dental Implant is an artificial tooth root placed into the jaw to hold an artificial tooth (replacing missing tooth). Dental implants are an excellent option for people who, otherwise in good oral health have lost a tooth due to periodontal disease (gum disease),


Time to be Alert Your tooth may be damaged enough such that simple restoration (filling) treatment alone may not suffice. To get immediate relief, you need to meet a dentist. Your teeth maybe cracked, have loose restoration (filling) or simple cavity which can lead


Bad breath or halitosis may be due to many causes and is an extremely embarassing problem for some people. Halitosis is usually caused by poor oral hygiene or the presence of food that gets stuck in the teeth.


Crown is an artificial covering of a tooth-like structure called porcelain, which restores damaged tooth, replaces the missing tooth wall, thereby protecting and strengthening the tooth and preventing further deterioration.


Pediatric Dentistry deals specifically with the oral care of children. It is very important for a dental surgeon to have training in child psychology, growth and development before treating any child.


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